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Activity – “In Balance With Earth”

This activity is from Micheal Cohen’s Project Nature – I am studying this material and incorporating it into my programs.

Wander outside to a rural area or a thing that calls to a sensory part of you that appreciates it; take note of this fact.  it is a biological attraction relationship between you and an aspect of nature.  It may be a combination of many attraction senses.  Your are built to naturally sense it, it registers in your awareness, it is a love that is alive and well in you.  This sensory attraction invites and welcomes you.  It feelingly encourages you to enjoy this moment.  On a feeling-sensation level, it gives you permission and invites you to be here.  Do you feel thankful for it and your sensory self?

Purpose:  To discover the means to treat Earth, people and our souls justly and with respect.

Obejct: To learn how to obtain a natural area’s consent for us to visit it and enjoy the benefits it has for us.

1.  Notice how you feel right now, then go to something in nature that you like, something you find attractive such as a park, backyard, aquarium, even a pet or potted plant.  (write about this after you have completed it)

2.  Thank the natural attraction that brings you to this area for being there for you.

3.  Recognize that as part of the Earth community, justifiably, this natural area or thing desires and has a right to exist, build beneficial relationships and grow, just as you do.  Decide that you are going to respects its intuition by obtaining its consent or permission to visit with it.

4.  Silently, aloud or in writing, as this naturual area or thing to give its consent for you to be with it and to do this activity in its presence.  (Promise the area or thing that you will treat it honorably)

5.  Sense the area or thing for 10 seconds or more in silence and respect.  Be aware of negative signals from stress, discouragement or danger, such as thorns, bees, poision ivy, ticks, cliff faces or unpleasant memories, thoughts or feelings.

5A.  When the 10 seconds are up, note whether the area or thing still feels attractive or has become more attractive.  If it has, it has consented to your visit through a multitude of your natural senses.  (Proceed to 6; if not go to 5B)

5B.  If this natural area or thing no longer feels attractive or is replaced by another attraction, thank it for its guidance and simply seek another area or thing that feels attractive to you.  Repeat the gaining consent process.  Do this until you find a ten second period when a safe attraction feeling remains for a place, color, shape or other natural thing.

6.  As soon as you gain a natural area or thing’s consent to visit genuinely thank it for giving its consent for over 10 seconds.

7.  Compare how you feel about being in this mutually supportive moment with nature not to the way you felt when you first started doing this activity.  Has any change occurred in you from gaining this natural area’s consent through your attractions and thanking it for consenting.

Write down what occurred through this process.  If you obtained good feelings or rewards from doing this activity, describe what they were and whether you trust them.  I would love to hear from all of you.

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