Autumn/Fall Change of Seasons Program


Autumn/Fall Change of Seasons Program

Fall is the time we start to reflect inwards; as the summer fades we look back at the events that transpired in our lives during the year.  It is a time where we begin to reap the harvest we had started in the spring and put away for the winter.  This is true in our personal and professional life.

This Program will walk you through the process and seasonal energy of Autumn/Fall.  This is a home-study program and go at your own pace.  This program can be done anytime through the year; but to truly engage and connect it is best done in tune with the Autumn/Fall season.

Online Classroom is provided so you have access to all documents and presentations that you will need to engage in the course.

In this course I will guide you through:

  • Help you connect with the cycles, patterns, rhythms of nature as you engage in the seasonal energy and experience the season of Autumn
  • Learn how to connect  and work with each phase of the Moon Cycle
  • Connect with your core essence to feel the pulse of the seasonal energy
  • Learn to reflect and journal the events that unfold in your life
  • Learn about the Seasonal Wheel
  • Learn about each of the Seasonal Celebrations for Autumn/Fall
  • Learn how to easily apply what you will learn in this course to create the life you were intended to have
  • Learn how the element of Earth represents this season and what it has to offer you
  • Learn about 3 of the Archetypes that can help you in different areas of your life
  • Receive a Downloadable PDF File the minute your register and pay

Once you are registered and have paid; you will have access to the downloadable PDF file and the classroom.  If for some reason you did not get your downloadable PDF file; please contact me.

 Here is what a recent student stated when purchasing the Autumn/Fall Change of Season

Dolores – The N California climate is definitely changing.  It has been a glorious summer. I have been staying with a dear friend and just found a studio apt across the street & I am moving mid -October. I am happy to be here but gave away so many of the guideposts of my life, I feel some grief loss & confusion. I am hoping your Change of Season Autumn/Fall course will bring some comfort & healing.

Love Betsy Andreini, LMT

North California Area

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