The Turning of The Seasons

The Season Cycle is a primal fact of human life, and of all life on Earth. The seasons, as you know, are the result of Earth’s tilt on her axis and how that interacts with the orbit of Earth around Sol.

Earth draws a circle around Sol while she rotates on her axis 365 times. While Earth draws the year’s circle, Moon circles Earth thirteen times. This Circle Dance in space goes on and on and on as it has for five billion years, the rhythm steady, the huge round dancers light on their feet, never missing a step, this twirl and whirl lovely.

In the Northern Hemisphere the season cycle is from warming to warm to cooling to cold, and from long warm days to short cold days. In tropical regions of Earth, the cycle of seasons is from wet to dry to wet to dry. There is no dramatic temperature change in the tropics, and the days are always nearly the same length.

The seasons are a central part of religions. One turning of Earth around Sol makes the Sacred Year, and for many thousands of years, human societies have responded to the circle of seasons with ceremony and celebration. The Calendar of the Sacred Year is supremely important to the religions of all cultures.

My Change of Seasons is designed to give better clarity to each of the 4 seasons. Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. In this program you will be given an opportunity to engage in each of the seasons and tap into the energy for personal achievements or professional or both!

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 This article was published in Transformation Magazine April 2012 Edition 


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