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Sunlight, Air, Wind, Earth and Water…Mother Gaia Rises Here to Meet You with Healing Gifts.

Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life. Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. Rachel Carson

The Journey begins around the Sagittarius New Moon Sunday Nov 20 at 10:00 am – 4:00 Eastern Time

 A nature based feminine leadership process

This program starts on Nov 20, 2016 and ends on Oct 26 2017 and we will join together monthly to follow the seasons, cycles and rhythms of the universe as they unfold. Some of our gatherings will run half the day (when we talk about the seasons of Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn) and other times they will be about 1 hour. This program also includes a Life Purpose Session which uncovers Your Life Purpose with the Astrological Archetypes Personal Chart. Each of these astrology signs can assists us depending upon where they are located in your chart  on what “Gifts you bring” and how to consciously live from your life purpose.

 Celebrate the Rhythms of the Seasonal Year

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I have taken classes with Dolores before and really loved the way she delivered her teachings. this is worth checking out!

Tonimarie Tassinari, VT

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Your Personal Investment is $396.00gaiaseason1 JPEG[1] 1000x1000

Option 1 – Pay in full and receive a 30 Minute Creation/or Energy Clearing Session

Option 2 – Make payments for 6 months – $66.00 for a total of 396.00

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Want to learn more? Signup for the  Pre-Recorded Introductory Class

Learn more about the Goddess Willendorf and the Season of Autumn; signup for the Pre-Recorded Class

All classes are recorded so you can listen to them anytime

Want to learn more? Signup for the Thursday Oct 20 & Sunday Oct 30 Introductory Class at 7PM Eastern Time around the Scorpio New Moon to see if this is a right fit for you.

Have a friend enroll and receive my pre-recorded online Chakra Class

(Class will be recorded so you can listen to the replay)

Facing Seasons of Change in Every Moment…

Sense your world. What do you find there? Openings and closings. Shifts, passages and realignments.  Constant movement. Are you well-grounded or longing for balance?

Join us for a Journey with Gaia, or Mother Earth, as she is known today, to understand the mysteries of change and to follow the rhythms and flow of nature, the seasons, the land, sea and sky.

This online program will open you to your natural skills and give you guidance to simplify your life. How? By intertwining the seasons, cycles, rhythms and patterns of the universe with your own lives.

Life in human form, is co-action between your spirit and Mother Earth. Together, we will observe our own give-and-take from within.  We will experience the powerful energies in ourselves – the attractions, devotions, passions and hungers. Let’s look at what triggers us. These are potent streams against which we struggle. However, I will guide you to experience the seasons and rhythms of your body without judgment. Feel the true energy of your physical being. Learn to become your true self, without guilt, fear or deprivation.

We will come together in joy, playfulness and hearts open wide.

What Is A Gaia Season Ceremonialist?

A Gaia Season Ceremonialist is a woman who works with nature and follows the flow of the natural world to create a healthier harmonious life for herself and all of life forms.  She is guided by the rhythms, patterns and cycles of nature to create and attract her life experiences that will guide her towards her soul purpose. 

Click below for the schedule which follows the natural flow of nature.

2016/2017 is being worked on

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 This is a great program to take prior to the Priestess Process I teach; that starts every August around the Virgo New Moon


You will receive my Initiate, Activate and Engage in the Rhythms’ and Cycles Teleseminar Class (Pre-Recorded)

Participants will be inspired to look at their lives and professional practice from an Elemental point of view and shift the way they manage their lives and business to create balance and prosperity.

This prerecorded webinar will:

  • Explore how each of the 12 archetypes, Cycles of the Moon, Seasons and Cycles of the Year and the Five Elements relates to a different aspect of your life and business.
  • Examine how strengths and weaknesses in one aspect of your life or business affect all other areas and the overall success of your practice.
  • Develop strategies to create balance between the 12 Archetypes, Cycles of the Moon and the Five Elements of your business to strengthen your practice.
  •  Learn when to apply and utilize each of the new and full moons
  •  Learn how to work with each of the season(s) and cycle(s) of the year.
  • Working with nature helps you to learn about the rhythm’s and cycles in yourself and the world we live in
  • Using the moon cycles can teach us how to plant the seed, nurture the seed and grow the seed .
  • The 4 different seasons have their own energy; of how to think of the seed to plant; plant the seed, nurture the seed, and watch the seed grow.

You will be enrolled in my Live Working Rhythm Calendar Online Class In January (TBA)

Need a new way to vision your year? Learn to create a Working Rhythm Calendar! 

Align Your New Year With Your Inner Rhythm and Seasonal Timings

We will begin creating the Working Rhythm Calendar in class and then you will continue to work with it through the rest of the year!  You will have all of the tools you need to continue!

Just like every season is different; so are the seasons in our life; understanding the cycle we are in will clarify what we 8eb7832be46e25325af20328817f9842will need to create in the next seasonal cycle for ourself.  This workshop is designed to guide you through your next seasonal cycle as you learn to work alongside Mother Nature and flow with the rhythm inside of yourself and Gaia. This working rhythm calendar will offer many opportunities for you to discover ways to engage and integrate the teachings of Gaia (known as Mother Nature).  It is a way of communicating and expressing about and experiencing the year as a nonlinear process of discovery.

I have been doing this process of years and this year at several trainings such as Heather Ash Amara “Warrior Goddess” and when I met Molly Remer at Brighid’s Grove who invented the Calamoondala; the same theme kept coming up about experiencing things in a nonlinear process.

Every year I personally work with a theme each year of what I will be working and creating with.  Understanding the moon phases, archetypes, elements and directions provide a good foundation for this.

If you’re looking for new way of visioning your year, the Working Rhythm Calendar is for you!four_seasons_wallpaper_by_liquidplasmaflow

During our time together we will:

  • Understand how our inner rhythm guides and directs us for our creation(s) in the next seasonal cycle
  • Understand how to work with the 4 Directions
  • Understand how to work with the Elements of Life (Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit)
  • Understand each of the seasons and their teachings (Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn)
  • Understand how to work with the Nature Based Holidays (Winter Solstice, Imbolc, Spring Equinox, Beltane, Summer Solstice, Lammas, Autumn Equinox, Samhain)
  • Learn to engage and work with each of the Archetypes (Astrology Signs) and how they can help co-create.
  • Understanding each of the Moon Phases and how their teachings can be incorporated into our lives so we know when to forge ahead with projects and when to sit still in the silence.
  • Understanding the “Theme” you will be working with each year based off of your last seasonal cycle.
  • You will receive a working journal notebook that will continue your process for the year
There are many Bonuses that come with this program; including  two 30 Minute  Creation Coaching Sessions. You receive your first 30 Minute Session prior or when we begin the process. The remainder can be split up as we go along the program. The two 30 minute sessions must be claimed within 1 month after completion of the  process.

Schedule a Complimentary Session With Dolores to see if this is a right fit for you:

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