Nature is a Natural Choice

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Nature is a Natural Choice

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  1. Inspiration of the Day:

    In a world dominated by financial incentives that appeal to a mindset of consumption, it becomes all the more critical to turn the tide by engaging in small acts of generosity and continually shifting the mindset towards one of inspired contribution. It’s a beautiful fact that in practicing kindness in this way, we can’t help but deepen our understanding of how inner and outer change are fundamentally intertwined. Based on the experience of hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours, here are five reasons why we serve: to discover abundance, express gratitude, transform ourselves, honor our profound interconnection, and align with a natural unfolding. A beautiful exploration of service. (

    The next paragraph is from my New Years Newsletter – This is what I do every year and at every season; I check in on what is unfolding or not unfolding in my life.

    It is that time of year once again we reflect what has transpired through our year. As the year unfolds and comes to an end we realize that some of our dreams and seeds became fully developed or maybe not as developed as we would have liked.

    We start to realize that our inner needs to heal before we can go outward. Aligning ourselves to our “true selves” and understanding who we are and how we not only connect to ourselves but to others and the eco system around us. Aligning ourselves with nature and all of her elements; Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit can create a harmony and balance for all to co-exist.

    Nature has a way of re-connected ourselves to our selves and in turn to the community and environment we live in. No matter where you live you can connect to nature and her elements; plants, flowers, decorations of nature all can be implemented into your home and lifestyle.

    We go through the seasons, cycles and moon cycles of nature. Learning how to work with them and fitting them into your life can help you on many levels.

    Working with nature helps you to learn about the rythms and cycles in yourself and the world we live in
    Using the moon cycles can teach us how to plant the seed, nurture the seed and grow the seed .
    The 4 different seasons have their own energy; of how to think of the seed to plant; plant the seed, nurture the seed, and watch the seed grow.

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