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priestessprocessfaciliatedDiscover The Path Of The Priestess

The Priestess Process™

Awaken The Priestess Within

A Sacred Healing Journey to  Activate  Ancient Wisdom – Discover and Ignite Your Unique Sacred Work

I invite you to help find the broken shards of this feminine vessel that must be restored – for only when woman is whole and complete unto herself can she receive a man in his authentic wholeness.”

Woman, behold the Christ in man.
Man, behold the Magdalene in woman.
Thus you will realize Sacred Union

Stated by Nicole Christine the originator of the process.

Circles now forming in Ft. Myers, Florida

Journey on the Path of the Priestess

priestess shutterstock_257140396priestess shutterstock_257140396The 2016-2017 circles begin close to the Virgo New Moon on Sunday Aug 21 and goes through the Beltane window Sunday April 30. This is the only Priestess circle that will be offered for the 2016/2017 cycle. and is opened to 13 Women who hear the calling!


Program Door Closes on October 1.

This is the First Circle here in Ft. Myers, Florida and is opened to 13 Women only.

Call Dolores 239-826-6960


I would be honored to hold space for you and  guide you in this process.

” This process is a living intelligence and meets you where you are in your consciousness development.”

About the Process

This 9 month process comes through the lineage of Nicole Christine, author of Under Her Wings; the Making of a Magdalene and Temple of the Living Earth.


The Priestess Process™  fully awakens, enlivens and integrates a woman’s inner priestess to her own unique Sacred Work.

Priest/esses honor the cycles and seasons of nature, and of life. They learn from, and work, with the natural rhythms of the earth, sun, moon, and stars. They observe and value the relationships between earth and sky, nature and humanity.

In families and communities, priest/esses bring awareness to the way change affects life by creating time and space to honor life passages. They create and often officiate ceremonies that recognize the transitions of birth, puberty, a new job, the loss of a job, marriage, divorce, menopause, elderhood, and death.

Priest/esses may counsel and support others in times of crises, transition, healing, and creation. They may assist through their prayers, meditation, deep listening, or simply being present and bringing awareness and attentive witnessing to a situation.

A priest/ess brings the sacred into form by connecting to Divine energy in their creative pursuits such as dance, art, writing, music, theatre, ceremonies, rituals, and celebrations.

Deeply connected to their spirituality from the inside out, a priestess or priest may also be a member of any religion or have connection to none. They may connect to the Divine in nature just as well as in any home, church, synagogue, or temple.

A priest/ess makes a direct connection to the Divine from within and can apply it to every area of life. By LIsa Michaels

The Priest/ess Process and the Magdalene Mysteries Process are each a living intelligence expressing as an enlivening initiatory process for women and men to open to an entirely new, direct spiritual experience in which they, as initiates:

1) Embrace their own Inner Authority and Co-Creative Divinity.

2) Work with the Power of Sacred Intent.

3) Co-create Living Ceremony.

4) Self-Proclaim as a Priestess or Priest upon fulfillment of their Priest/ess Process initiatory cycle or as a High Priestess or High Priest after completing their Magdalene Mysteries School initiation process. All aspects of both Processes are facilitated according to these primary precepts.

Nicole describes her first rememberings of an ancient sect of priestesses in this 1986 flashback. “We were running through an underground tunnel carrying scrolls under our arms. Invaders hostile to the teachings of the Goddess were destroying the Temple and we were fleeing with as many recorded mysteries as we each could carry. As we ran, we vowed that the teachings would not be lost and alchemically encoded the contents of each scroll we carried into our genetic codes to be brought forth when it was again safe for the Goddess to return. We had not known how many, many, many lifetimes we would have to reincarnate in one disguise after another before we could come forward again as priestesses and live the teaching, live the Great Mysteries. That time is now! At last, that time is now!

The Initiation

To be an initiate is to be a candidate for an entirely new direct experience of spiritual significance.e0bfe3cff9e6df8cb4173613b30e67d6

Each Process is a Lunar Initiation (feminine) in which initiates surrender to the Goddess of Being-ness in contrast to a Solar Initiation (masculine) in which initiates perform for the God of Doing-ness. In other words, in a solar approach, the initiate must perform or do acts of courage. Whereas, in a lunar approach, the initiate must surrender to courage until s/he becomes, s/he is courage. Many initiates and facilitators find it more challenging to surrender than perform!

As a lunar or feminine initiatory experience, The Process works with natural cycles and elemental forces. Generally, this initiation process transpires over a nine-month period in which the initiate is pregnant with his or her priest/ess self that emerges and is self-proclaimed at the completion of the initiatory term.

Generally, an in person circle of 8-12 initiates meets 10-15 hours a month (one day and one evening or a full weekend). It is recommended that initiates meet several times throughout the initiation period independent of the facilitator in order to strengthen their independent sense of self and to co-create and interact without the guidance of a Process facilitator. Additionally, each initiate has, at minimum, a one-hour private session with a Process facilitator prior to the Rite of Initiation Ceremony and one prior to the Emergence Ceremony at the end of the initiation cycle. Each facilitator determines and maintains her or his energy exchange agreements for facilitator services.

Dolores J. Gozzi took her Priestess training in Sept 2010 – March 2011 and emerged as a Priestess in March 2011.   In 2012 Dolores started her “Hight Priestess” training with once again her teach Lisa Michaels and completed the Process in March 2013.  Dolores is a Facilitator for Activate Your Life Purpose, Creation Coach, Priestess Facilitator, Radiant Divine Feminine Leadership Powers, Conscious Dance  and finishing up her Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle Reading Practitioner from Lisa Michaels.

The Priestess Process started by a wonderful lady called Nicole Christine; who was a visionary of her time.  She believed in the energy of “Live Ceremony” in Nicole_Lisa_sc0012a739which participants participated and were able to engage in the “Act” of the “Process” so that their uniqueness and gifts would emerge.  Lisa Michaels who was a student of Nicole’s  and after completion of the Priestess Process added her own “Mystery School” of the Elements; Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit.  Lisa helped Nicole (as did several other ladies) reach out to women in their areas about the Priestess Process and towards the end of Nicole’s time; the torch was lit to bring it to out into the world and form circles as well as giving the opportunity who showed interest to facilitate the Priestess Process.

2016/2017 Schedule to be announced

Here Is My Statement From The Priestess Process: The Priestess Process was a journey that confirmed the essence that flows in me. I was able to peel away layers and truly see the core of my being in a very safe and secure environment that is provided for each individual. I started my journey in 2010 and have never looked back. The teachings I now apply to every aspect of my life which has given me many opportunities to create the life and lifestyle that reflects my Priestess Within. Dolores J. Gozzi

This process is for you if you feel the calling to…photoPQYYQ5H0

  • Connect more fully with your own inner wisdom and guidance
  • Honor and respect the natural world and her rhythms.
  • Walk in balance with your inner masculine and feminine energies.
  • Deepen your connection to the Divine.
  • Ignite your inner gifts.
  • Activate more personal power.
  • Illuminate more of your sacred purpose.
  • Learn practical tools for dogma-free spiritual growth.

Activating the Priestess within helps you deepen your ability to bring the energies of the Divine into the physical realm. You will learn to open the doorway to divine energy, which is most often opened in ceremony, rites of passage, rituals, and celebrations. As a earth priestess you become skilled at weaving this tangible creative spiritual essence into your everyday life.

Here What They Are Saying From Previous Gatherings: A wonderful gathering at Warm Mineral Springs to celebrate the Summer Solstice in our beautiful Prayer Scarves. The elements of the Tree of Life with its 10 Points of Light were shared and have just started to open up my inquisitive side to study and learn more. The feelings and thoughts shared by my fellow Sisters were special and the meditations were so calming. I even had my first Drumming lesson:) My reading hit its mark and has sparked new goals for my spirit. Special thanks to Dolores for leading us in this Journey! thank you,

Stasia B. Pine Island, Florida

Through your training you will enhance your ability to honor the sacred in every part of life by directly connecting to the Divine as you go about the practical matters of life.

images (2)

In every area of your life from:

  • Home and family
  • Business and career
  • Community service
  • Creative expression
  • You will find this program incredibly helpful if you work with others.
Here Is What They Are Saying From A Coaching Session: What an amazing experience! Your session addressed the mental, physical, and emotional all in one smooth cycle. I am not sure how you do it, but it all flowed together like nature. And your intuition is dead on! It allowed me to “let go” the residue of the past and look at the future for what it is meant to be….full of promise, Hope, and joy. Thank you, Dolores!

Jen H Cape Coral, Florida

About Your Facilitator Dolores J Gozzi

A Nature Based Feminine Leadership Facilitator

Dolores J. Gozzi is a speaker, coach, and healer who guides women to follow their heart and lead with their wisdom. She teaches women how to access their gifts, challenges and desires as the core thread of their life purpose. Her nature-inspired programs, oracle readings, women’s retreats and creation coaching are designed to educate and empower participants to connect to their unique sacred essence and bring desires naturally into form. Dolores’s mission is to support women in reconnecting with their inner strength for transformational change. Dolores offers coaching and healing sessions in nature’s classroom where she lives in Florida, via the phone, or online at

During your training you will learn more about initiation cycles, holding space, working alongside nature and the universe, the elemental forces of creation, alchemical transformation, and working with energetic fields. You will connect with others who  are on the same journey. You will discover practical ways to apply your priestess skills in every day life.

doloresI will personally hold the inner field for your development during this program.

Your intention statement resides on my altar and I will also personally help with this for the duration of this process, and I actively hold the field for you until your completion.

In addition to your weekly trainings and ceremonies, (most weeks) you will have  4 one-on-one 30-minute phone or in person mentorship calls for this process.  One before or the month you start, the second one at 3 months into the process, the third one 6 months into the process and the fourth one at 9 months or the last month into the process.  (Value is $600.00; I am gifting this to you)

Sign Up for one of the Complimentary Circles read-more-button

What if I can not make the program times live?

If someone can’t attend some of the in-person sessions, no worries. You will need to contact Dolores and make arrangements to do a live session with her at another day.  This Process is a commitment on your part; and in order to ensure you receive the information and benefits; you need to be present for most of the sessions.  As I do fully understand that there are certain circumstances that arise in our lives; I am available to work with you at another time and day if you miss a session.  (If there is an ongoing lapse of time that you cannot commit to; you will make the choice to start the following year over again).  There also will be an extra fee for making up a class; 1 makeup is allowed for each individual; after that there will be a $75.00 fee for each makeup class.

We will create beautiful ceremonies together and get to know one another in deep and meaningful ways over the 9 months of the program. Together we will build a local community of like-minded women.

For personal mentoring you will have 4  sessions with Dolores. (If you need to have more; Dolores will give you a discount off of her regular price of $150.00)

What is Included in the Program?

The Path of The  Priestess Includes:

  • Our weekly gatherings (we meet on a weekly basis)  and you receive weekly activations and content delivered by Dolores J. Gozzi
  • Your Personal Chart Life Purpose Session Connect with a deeper sense of what you came into this life to be and you do.  Discover the energies of your inner feminine and masculine, learn how to harmonize them and direct them toward your life purpose.  gain a greater understanding of how you think and how to work with all the various energies you contain within you.  This session is based on you personal elemental energies and the 12 Astrological Gates of Awareness. $150.00
  • You will be invited to my Fall Harvest Retreat Weekend location TBA (accommodations, meals not included; only the retreat class is)  read-more-button

(Value $188.00)

  • Wheel of The Year Ceremonies throughout the program  (We will cover all of the Nature Based Holidays)
  • 9 Months of Inner Realm Intention Space Holding by Dolores  J. Gozzi
  • A Womb Blessing & Healing Ceremony (you will then be able to perform this to others)

Learn More on Womb Blessings here: learn-more-button

  • A 30- minute private mentorship session beginning at the first month, 3rd month, 6th month and 9th month. (Value $600.00)
  • Bonus Initiate, Activate and Engage in the Rhythms’ and Cycles For The New Year Live online Class in January (Date TBA) along with a Pre-Recorded one from 2013 that you can listen to right away.  (Value $99.00)
  • Bonus a 4 Hour Pre-Recorded Chakra Class from 2011 that you can listen to right away. (Value $75.00)
  • Bonus a 5 Week Working with the Elements Pre-Recorded Class  (Value $100.00)

Instead of outer world spiritual experiences, such as sitting at the feet of a guru, confessing to a priest, or listening to a minister, the Divine Feminine awakens from within the inner temple. She urges you to listen to your own feelings, your truth, and what your soul chooses to express.

Activate Your Priestess Within Today!

Program Investment


Investment / Tuition: $111/month for 9 months. Circle size is limited. This amount is based on a minimum of 9 participants. A full financial commitment to the entire process is required after the Introductory Class. It is necessary to pay each month, even if you are absent from any session. $269 first month’s payment/deposit is required to hold your spot.

Program Investment

$1269.00 is the total personal investment.  You must hold your place in the circle; by making your first installment of 111.00.  The monthly investment is $111.00 per month for 9 months; which will be charged each month on the date of your initial transaction, and for 9 consecutive months for a total of 9 times and a full program investment $1269.00.  You also have the option of also paying in full.

Here is how you can get started; Make your Deposit to hold your seat; then within the next month signup for the 9 month plan.  Or you can just pay in full.


Deposit For Your Seat $269.00



9 Month Plan 29 Month Instalment Program at $111.00 per month



Pay In Full 2Pay in full  1269.00



Since this is the First Circle in Ft. Myers, Florida; I decided not to charge extra for the monthly payments that is my commitment to you; I ask that you have the same commitment to me.

IN-COMPLETIONS: Over the years it has been extremely rare for someone to not complete the process. However, should you find yourself for any reason unable to complete your sacred journey you must have a phone session with Dolores to close the initiation process.

Because we only take a limited number of initiates each year, no refunds are issued for this type of program and once you make a commitment you are responsible for the full program fees regardless of completion. It is extremely important with this type of personal initiation that you complete the process.

Reserve your Place in the 2016-2017 Priestess Circle.  After you reserve your place Dolores will be in contact with you so you can receive your bonus information.

reserve my place

You will find this program incredibly helpful if you work with others.

Is This Process Right For Me?IMG_3865

How to know if the priestess process is right for you…

First, follow your intuition.

You will feel drawn to activate the archetype or simply know it is the right time for you.

If  you desire more clarity, take your question to the dreamtime.

Call on the Divine Mother before going to sleep and ask for guidance.

Sleep on it for 3 nights.

Pay attention to your waking insights each day.

Follow your inner guidance






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