Soul Enrichment Programs


Soul Enrichment Programs to help you connect your inner wisdom through “Nature Based Healing Programs.

Active your senses; feel the pulse of creation and understand “Your Life Purpose”!

Have you been struggling to find your life purpose?

Are you ready to evolve your life purpose to the next level of expression?

Do you long to ignite more of your inner gifts?

Want a place to relax, meditate, have some fun, connect with nature, and work on your spiritual growth?

Elemental Life Purpose Connection: Deepen your understanding of how each of the elements impact your life purpose and your inner gifts. Form a sacred connection to the elements forces (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit) to guide your personal and professional creation abilities.

 Healing Thru Bodywork &Nature provides personal growth spiritual retreats and programs guiding people on their inner journey of spiritual growth and transformation through empowering workshops, exciting outdoor activities, and the beauty of Florida.

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