Free 5 Week Course


Are you ready to evolve your life purpose to the next level of expression?

Do you long to ignite more of your inner gifts?

Want a place to relax, meditate, have some fun, connect with nature, and work on your spiritual growth?

Elemental Life Purpose Connection: Deepen your understanding of how each of the elements impact your life purpose and your inner gifts. Form a sacred connection to the elements forces (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit) to guide your personal and professional creation abilities.

Come and join me in this 1 Hour Presentation for each of the Elements (This was prerecorded in 2012 and you can now listen to all 5 of the 1 Hour presentations in the comfort of your own home!)

Earth Module

 Water Module

 Air Module

 Fire Module

 Spirit Module

You can always listen to the mp3 recording and view the presentation online!

The classroom instructions will be given to you once upon signing up.  All classes are done on my online teleseminar site.

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