Walk Your Path 10 Week Coaching Program

Walk Your Path Hear Your Voice

Available in person or in the comfort of your own home

Get the one-on-one help you need to expand your capacity to create your life!  Your own private one on one coaching sessions for 10 weeks with Dolores can help you connect to your sacred essence and align your dreams with the organic world in order to naturally bring your desires into form.


During our time together we will explore your hidden desires, strengths and gifts that you bring into this world.  We will work together in personal ceremony to unleash anything that is no longer serving you and  work together in an Energy Clearing Session that will help you clear old patterns and belief systems that will help you move through these patterns.


 Do you keep searching and are always trying to find ways to enliven your soul.  If the question asked to you was “Who are You?  How would you answer that?


10 Week One on One Program (1 Hour a week)

You might also be interested in my 1 Day One on One Retreat if the 10 week program is not a right fit for you click here.


  • We then will work together for your “Life Purpose” to connect with a deeper sense of what you came into this life to be and do.
  • Discover the energies of your inner feminine and masculine, learn how to harmonize them and direct them toward your life purpose.
  • Gain a greater understanding of how you think and how to work with all the various energies you contain with you.
  • An awakening of the senses and of who you are.
  • Reclaim your Gifts that you were intended to share

We then work together to design a foundation in which you can build from in a Creation Coaching Session(s).

  • You will learn the tools of “Mother Nature and her Elements” and how to Co-Create with her cycles.
  • There will be 1 more 30 minute phone or office session after your 10 week completion.

How We Spend Our 1 Hour Session for 10 Weeks


I will guide you through each of the 1 hour weekly sessions As we get acquainted I will guide you through the each of the 1 hour weekly sessions.

Session 1 – We begin with exploring your hidden desires, strengths and gifts.

Session 2 – We continue with laying a foundation of your strengths and gifts and incorporating your hidden desires.

Session 3 – I then help you let go of old belief systems and outdated patterns and create a personal releasement ceremony.

Session 4 – We begin with an Energy Clearing Session to help you to see your own patterns clearly.

Session 5 – We begin with your Life Purpose Session, explaining what your chart revealed and the energies of your team and how to work with each of them.

Session 6 – We continue with your Life Purpose Session in the areas your are having difficulty understanding (Such as moon, rising sign, venus, mars, etc.).

Session 7- We continue with your Life Purpose Session focusing on your Moon, Jupiter, North and South Node and Rising Sign; this will give you better clarity on the gifts you bring into the world and how to accomplish this.

Session 8 – We will begin with your Creation Coach Session to give you a solid foundation to build on.

Session 9 – We continue with our Creation Coach Session tweaking the foundation.

Session 10 – AN Intention Energy Soul Drumming Session and Intention Ceremony is done after we build your foundation.


I am ready to take the first step; Let’s Begin click here

After Our 10 Week 1 Hour Sessions

  • You will have a foundation and plan you can use right away
  • You will have better understand and clarity of your gifts
  • You will understand how your inner feminine and masculine work and how you respond to situations
  • You will understand your thought process and patterns
  • You will know how to work with your Creation Team
  • You will understand how to communicate to others more effectively

There is a 1 month follow up from Dolores that is scheduled on your last session.   Additional sessions may be purchased at this time with a discounted price if purchased in a package.

Your personal investment is $750.00 – Yes Sign Me Up!



You will receive my Initiate, Activate and Engage in the Rhythms’ and Cycles Teleseminar Class (Pre-Recorded)

Participants will be inspired to look at their lives and professional practice from an Elemental point of view and shift the way they manage their lives and business to create balance and prosperity.

This prerecorded webinar will:

  • Explore how each of the 12 archetypes, Cycles of the Moon, Seasons and Cycles of the Year and the Five Elements relates to a different aspect of your life and business.
  • Examine how strengths and weaknesses in one aspect of your life or business affect all other areas and the overall success of your practice.
  • Develop strategies to create balance between the 12 Archetypes, Cycles of the Moon and the Five Elements of your business to strengthen your practice.
  •  Learn when to apply and utilize each of the new and full moons
  •  Learn how to work with each of the season(s) and cycle(s) of the year.
  • Working with nature helps you to learn about the rhythm’s and cycles in yourself and the world we live in
  • Using the moon cycles can teach us how to plant the seed, nurture the seed and grow the seed .
  • The 4 different seasons have their own energy; of how to think of the seed to plant; plant the seed, nurture the seed, and watch the seed grow.

Schedule a Complimentary Session With Dolores to see if this is a right fit for you:

Click here for a 30 Minute Complimentary Session with Dolores

Are You Ready To Walk Your Path & Hear Your Voice!

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